Storage Tips

Store small, expensive items like stereos, Televisions, etc., in the back of the storage space in unmarked boxes with pieces of large furniture in front of them.  This will protect the smaller more valuable items from careless movers and make it more difficult for thieves to gain access.

Wrap glass and breakable items in bubble wrap and store with linens for extra protection.

To minimize dust damage, wrap electronics and furniture in linens or clean paper.

To minimize potential water damage, place boxes and furniture on bricks or wooden pallets.

Make a complete list of all goods stored, including brand names, product features and serial numbers.  Keep the list in a safe place away from the storage space.

To prove ownership, keep proof of purchase documentations like receipts, owner’s manuals or warranties. Or, make a photo or videotaped record of your stored goods.  Keep this material in a safe place away from the storage space.